Female Japanese musician ITSUKAGuitar/Pedal Music 

Female Japanese musician ITSUKA Loop Performance (Boss VE-8) / non-idol singer ループマシン使用 ITSUKAのソロライブ

Check out Female Japanese musician ITSUKA Loop Performance with Boss VE-8.
ループマシン使用ITSUKAのソロライブ の動画をどうぞ。

Hey there. This is a Female Japanese musician ITSUKA. I performed at SHBUYA DESEO the other night. The event was called “Dinner Time Show” organized by a Japanese boys band Liquidgram. The bassist of Liquidgram James Norwood Jr. has been working as a music professor for more than 20 years in Japan. The company he works for is one of the most powerful talent agency in Japan and they supports/creates idols.  James is a real artist but he understands how idol world roles so it was really interesting to chat with him about Japanese music industry now.

I feel like 80% of Japanese music business relys on idols. I don’t hate idols because “KAWAII” type of girls are one of our culture.  But I’m embarrassed when I see old geeky guys chasing skimpy elementary school looking girls.  Oh well… hopefully,  more and more real artists/ bands will get a chance in the near future.

More information about the equipment I used please check out my music show

#62 BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer Review 1 -Vocal Effects-[EN CC]
BOSS VE-8 アコースティックシンガー 前編 -ボーカルエフェクト-

Female Japanese musician ITSUKA
I might start a blog features real female artists in Japan.  So please keep following my blog!!

男性4人組バンドLiquidgram主催の『Dinner Time Show』というイベントにゲスト出演させてもらったわけですが、



この機材について詳しくは、『ITSUKA morning TV』をご覧くださいませ。

#63 BOSS VE-8 Acoustic Singer Review 2 -Guitar&Loop- [EN CC]
BOSS VE-8 アコースティックシンガー 後編 -ギター&ループ-

それでは、Keep smiling and have a wonderful day!!!

Female Japanese musician ITSUKA
Itsuka is a singer, songwriter whose musical range encompasses rock, blues, folk and country music. Growing up in Tokyo, Japan, and spending time in other countries being inspired by various kinds of music and culture she sings both in Japanese and English, has deep low bitter voice compare to other female Japanese vocalists.. Her strong positive message to life and society attracts NPO organization as well as the audience.

シンガー・コンポーザー / クリエイティブ・ディレクター ITSUKA
音楽活動をメインに、写真、執筆、ラジオのパーソナリティー、iPad DJ、機材デモンストレーターもこなす、マルチタレントなクリエイター。自身の番組『ITSUKA morning TV』では、楽器やエフェクターを独自の視点で紹介している。


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