MUSIC VIDEO “Woman In Tub” !!! / ミュージックビデオ「ウーマン・イン・タブ」

“Woman In Tub” by unntuaral

Our new music video “Woman In Tub” is ready now!!!
This is the first song of our new album “Tokyo United” SEASON 1.

“Tokyo United” is a music project we’ve just started. SEASON 1 features 4 songs including 2 English songs. The goal of the project is to make more and more people interested in Tokyo, Japan by listening to our music. Please check out Tokyo United Special Website to know more about this project.

“Woman In Tub” is a guitar rock song about a Japanese woman who lives in Tokyo. She is tired of her busy life is her busy city. She can only feel at ease when she is in her bath tub. This song is written in English, including some keywords of tokyo and Japanese culture. To see the keyword go to Tokyo United Special Website

You can download “Woman In Tub” and other cool songs on iTunes & Amazon globally!! 
Please SEARCH “unnatural” “Tokyo United” and download it from your country. iTunes Japan / iTunes US / iTunes Europe available WORLDWIDE!!
 Amazon Japan / Amazon US  available WORLDWIDE!!

It would be great if you could tell about unnatural and our music and the project “Tokyo United” to your friends!! And we are looking forward to hear your Feedbacks!! Thank you always for your warm support!!

“Tokyo United” SEASON 1 CM

本日、unnaturalの最新ミュージックビデオ『Woman In Tub』が公開になりましたっ!!
この楽曲は、ミニアルバム『Tokyo United』 SEASON 1の1曲目に収録されている楽曲で、今までのunnaturalよりも更に渋いオールドロックテイストに仕上がっています。

12月12日から、全世界のiTunesとAmazonでリリースされましたので、今すぐダウンロードして下さいね→ iTunes Japan / Amazon Japan 


『Woman In Tub』ミュージックビデオ特集ページは、明日、Tokyo United 特設ページ内で公開されますので、お楽しみに♩♩

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