Support the locals! / 被災地、風評被害地域の支援

I took a trip to Tochigi prefecture with my friends last week. It’s located in northern part of Kanto region, famous for Gyoza(Japanese dumpling), Nikko (historical place) and Onsen (hot spring).

 This area was also attacked by “3.11 Earth-quake” , after-quakes are still scaring the locals everyday and night.  I was bit afraid to visit there because of that and of course worried about the radioactivity levels since Tochigi-ken is pretty close to Fukushima-ken where nuclear power stations are.

Anyway, we decided to go to support economic revitalization even a little and cheer up the people working there.

We stayed at a popular ryokan(Japanese-style hotel) but there were only few guests including us.  I could say the hotel was EMPTY…I walked around the hot-spring town and saw the fallen off roof, ruined small buildings, wondering who’s gonna fix this? how much is it? the owner?? the government?? When??

Nowadays, many people are calling off their trips to Tohoku-region and the neighbors. If people keep canceling their trips, I’m sure that so many travelers spots will turn into “Ghost towns”…. and I don’t wanna see that!!

Let’s stop the secondary tragedy. Don’t believe all the stupid rumors on the internet. If you wanna do something for Japan and don’t know what to do, just take a trip to those area, MAKE PAYMENTS, CHAT WITH THE LOCALS, and just ENJOY!!

They need YOUR HELP!!!

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3 Thoughts to “Support the locals! / 被災地、風評被害地域の支援”

  1. Shugo

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  2. hana

    It's the same as I'm wondering. and also I plan to go one-day-trip to Nikko next month ♥ ♥ ♥

  3. I heard that 二荒山神社 in Nikko is a popular power-spot these days!

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