ITSUKAの3曲入りのEP『RED』Episode 1が、2022年8月5日に配信リリース!
スタジオAMP UPを立ち上げてから学んだスキルも詰め込み、出来る限りD.I.Y.で制作しました。


「レッド」は、パワーをくれる色、ロマンティックなハートの色、傷ついた心と身体の色、真っ赤な嘘の色、人生の様々なタイミングを彩る色。EP『RED』は、そんな人生のワンシーンを切り取って歌にしていくシリーズ。Episode 1は、YAMAHA「SYNCROOM」のPVで披露しているウクレレサウンドが心地良い爽やかなアコースティックナンバー「100 times」、名アレンジャーとしても知られる安部潤の切ないピアノから始まるバラード「Cheers」、古強者、角田順の情緒的なギターが際立つロックソング「Where’s the moonlight」の3曲で構成される。「100 times」のMVは、ITSUKAが自らハワイで撮影し、ワンオペで制作した映像作品。

“Red” is the color of power, the color of romantic hearts, the color of broken hearts and bodies, the color of blatant lies, and the color that appears at various times in our lives. Episode 1 consists of three songs: “100 Times,” a breezy acoustic number with cozy ukulele sounds featured in the promotional video for YAMAHA’s SYNCROOM; “Cheers,” a ballad that begins with a well-known arranger Jun Abe’s tender piano; and “Where’s the moonlight,” a rock song highlighted by legendary guitarist Jun Tsunoda’s emotional guitar. The music video for “100 Times” was shot by ITSUKA herself in Hawaii and edited by herself.


A breezy acoustic number with cozy ukulele sounds featured in the promotional video for YAMAHA's SYNCROOM. The hole in our hearts left by the loss of a loved family member or friend does not get any smaller as time goes by. So let's fill that hole little by little with memories, dedicated to Jumbo, the legendary dog who passed away in March 2022. The colors that color this song are pure heart colors, representing unconditional love. The music video for "100 Times" was shot by ITSUKA herself in Hawaii and produced by herself.

好きになった人が既に誰かのもの。その時に取る行動パターンはいくつかあるけれども、この主人公は、ワインとともに、気持ちを飲み込むことを選んだ。 名アレンジャーとしても知られる安部潤のピアノが、彼女のやるせない想いに優しく切なく共鳴する。この楽曲を彩る色は、ワインレッド。

The person you love already belongs to someone else. There are several patterns of action one can take at that moment, but this character chose to swallow her feelings along with the wine. The piano by Jun Abe, also known as a famous arranger, gently and sadly resonates with her painful feelings. The color that colors this song is wine red.


Was it so because there was no moonlight? Would it have been different if there had been moonlight?If you are criticized by a world that does not tolerate rule-breaking, it is only for a moment. But if you lie about your feelings, regret is a lifetime. A rock song highlighted by legendary guitarist Jun Tsunoda's emotional guitar. The color that colors this song is passionate red.

"RED" Episode 1

2022/08/05 Released.

#1 100 Times
#2 Cheers
#3 Where's the moonlight?


Written by ITSUKA

Vocal, Chorus & Ukulele by ITSUKA

Guitars by Jun Sumida
Keyboards,Bass & Programming by Jun Abe

Arranged by Jun Abe & ITSUKA
Mixed & Mastered by Masakazu Kimura

Produced by ITSUKA

"100 times" MUSIC VIDEO

Location: Waikiki, Hawaii
Shot and Edited by ITSUKA

Powered by AMP UP


Photographer: Mark R.
Camera: OM SYSTEM OM-1

Directed by ITSUKA & Mark R.


Designed & Edited by ITSUKA

ITSUKA's new EP "RED" Episode 1 will be released on August 5, 2022!
This EP, her first in about two and a half years, is filled with her thoughts and feelings about her musical activities, which she was unable to do as much as she wanted due to Covid.
"I want to sing more freely and bravely in the new music industry that has been eliminated."
She also put in the skills she has learned since launching the studio AMP UP, and produced it as D.I.Y. as she could.

The three songs she want to deliver now are excerpts from songs she started writing when we were in a band, as well as new songs that were born out of Covid.
The arranger is the master of the arrangement world, Jun Abe, and the guitar is played by the legendary guitarist, Jun Sumida. Please enjoy the three songs colored in different shades of red.