1week to go!!! Red Bull LIVE on the ROAD 2013 / レッドブル主催のコンテストに参加中!

Hello everyone!
As you know, my band unnatural is now participating a contest organized by Red Bull. It’s a competition that you’ll be ranked by BUZZ you made online. You can get the point by all kinds of SNS.  Youtube views, Band page views, Facebook shares, Tweets domatters!!

Right now,  we are on the first place on the BUZZ RANKING now!!! Thank you all for your support. But we still have 1 week to go until the ranking will be fixed!!! So please please keep supporting us @ Red Bull LIVE on the ROAD 2013  so we can stay on the TOP!!!
Here are some examples of how you can support us from your country!!

How can you support unnatural ??

Simple Way to Support Us
*Just visit our band pagehttp://www.redbullliveontheroad.jp/band/unnatural

 *View our youtube video “Woman In Tub” Video

URL:  http://youtu.be/XqXG1xXXUeA

*Tweet the following URL
You can just paste this Tweet if you want….
 ” Support a Japanese band “unnatural” on Red Bull Live on the Road 2013! Please SHARE, LIKE, TWEET this URL! http://www.redbullliveontheroad.jp/band/unnatural #RBLOTR “

 *Share this URL on Facebook

For middle level supporter
*Need to log in to your Facebook or Twitter account
*Vote for us Click the Red Button next to FB/Twitter share button
then you can vote for us!

*Leave comment for us
Please leave a comment on the comment box on the band page http://www.redbullliveontheroad.jp/band/unnatural

Your Vote, Tweet , Like , Share helps us a lot!!
 Please keep supporting us until April 5th!!

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