ITSUKA (イツカ)               *English follows Japanese

シンガー・コンポーザー / クリエイティブ・ディレクター




近年は、世界最大の楽器見本市『NAMM SHOW』での現地取材、アメリカの映画への出演/テーマソング提供、日本人女性バンドのヨーロッパツアーにベーシストとして同行するなど、インターナショナルな活動も目立つ。ITSUKAのジャンルや言語のボーダーラインを超えた独特な歌い回しは、特に海外からの評価が高い。

音楽活動以外に、イベントMC、ラジオDJ、iPad DJ等としても活躍している。これまでに『RED BULL AIR RACE』『東京モーターサイクルショー』『UNIQLO x Fender 主催イベント』等に出演。

また、写真、映像制作などアート分野にも精通しており、楽器ブランドや雑誌社ともコラボを展開。自身のプロデュース番組『ITSUKA morning TV』は、音楽業界内の玄人を中心に話題を呼んでいる。


言語: 日本語 / 英語
その他の楽器: ウクレレ、ヴィオラフォン、キーボード、タンバリン、ボンゴ and more
趣味:帽子収集( #HAT FreaK)レッドアイ(RED EYE LOVERS)、iPad DJ、スポーツジム、プチ断食、世界中に友達作り


Itsuka is a singer, songwriter whose musical range encompasses rock, blues, folk and country music. 

Growing up in Tokyo, Japan, and spending time in other countries being inspired by various kinds of music and culture she sings both in Japanese and English, has deep low bitter voice compare to other female Japanese vocalists.. Her strong positive message to life and society attracts NPO organization as well as the audience. In 2017,  she won the first prize in Singer-Song-Writer audition organized by Hakase com. 

She received an Outstanding performance award in Zip-FM radio DJ competition and has produced many music programs over the years.
She has her own YouTube Channel “ITSUKA morning TV” where you can enjoy the latest music news and Guitar, Pedal, App reviews. She also performs Rock covers and her original songs in the show.

Being richly endowed with natural ability in the arts Itsuka enjoys working in photography, videography and graphic design creating all the art works for her own CD jacket and concert flyers.

She is known for her unique fashion style and has modeled for both fashion and hair shows.

She has acted in foreign films and composed the theme to an American film.
She will tour Europe with a Japanese female rock band Dirtrucks as a bassist.

She's known as a big fan of the cocktail Red Eye. ITSUKA is the chief of the Red Eye cocktail committee  "RED EYE LOVERS".